Why will my posts fail to publish?

Content Format:

  • We have put checks on images and videos to manage the content format issues.
  • However, please always use the right content format to avoid issues. Check the content guide page to learn more.

Connection and Permissions:

  • If your platform connection expires, your posts will not be published. 
  • If you connect your platform without accepting ALL permissions, your posts will not publish. 
  • If you edit any permission, your posts will not be published. 

Error Notifications and Auto-Fixers:

  • Bell Icon: For all content issues, check the bell icon notification at the top right corner of the dashboard to view the error message and make necessary corrections.
  • Target Failed: The issues are also reported as “Target Failed” in red highlighted text at the top right corner of the published post. Click on it to view the error message and make adjustments.
  • Image Auto-Fixer: The system has an Image auto-fixer that detects faulty images and automatically fixes the sizes per platform with the click of a button.
  • Video Checker: The system has a Video Checker that checks that all uploaded videos meet the requirements of the different platforms. Follow the instructions to ensure you have the right video content. for the platforms.
  • Missing Caption/Text: The system has a Missing Caption/Text content feature that ensures all posts are published with the right text caption. You should use the Preview to ensure all platforms have the right caption or text description.

Why are my scheduled posts showing published without displaying on the social media platforms?

  • If scheduled posts are showing published without the post getting to the social media platforms, or if the connected platforms show expired.
  • The user should go to the Platforms page, and click on the Disconnect/Revoke Access, and Reconnect buttons to reconnect platforms.

How do I publish the same image/video content to multiple platforms?

  • You can publish the same image/video for all platforms because the platforms have a similar content-format range.
  • However, Instagram and TikTok are very sensitive and you have to meet their specific video-format requirements. Learn more from the Content Format page
  • Always use the Preview page to ensure that all platforms have the right content format.

What are User Accounts and Workspaces?


  • A Workspace is a dedicated page for your brand, product, or clients. You can invite your team members and they work together to manage the content strategy and publishing.
  • Team members in different Workspaces do not have access to view or interact with each other. Each Workspace is secure and private.
  • All the features are built on the Workspaces.

User Accounts:

  • A Free Plan user on a premium Workspace (invited) will access premium features of the Workspace.
  • A Premium user on a Free Workspace (invited) will access only the free features of the Workspace.
  • A Premium Plan user creates Premium Workspaces.
  • A Free Plan user creates a Free Plan Workspace.


How do I upgrade to a premium plan?

  • Go to My Account, then click on Billing
  • Select subscription tenure – monthly or yearly (there is a 20% discount on yearly plans)
  • Click to subscript to the plan of your choice.
  • Each plan has 5 social accounts.
  • Need more than 5 social accounts? You can add more after you upgrade!

How do I add extra social accounts?

  • You can only add more social accounts after you have upgraded to a plan.
  • Click on the Add Social Accounts button and follow the prompts to purchase more accounts.
  • You can add as many social accounts as you want; and whenever you want.

How many pages, groups, or channels can I add to each social account?

Each social account can have unlimited pages and channels. E.g. One Facebook account can have 100 pages and 100 groups.

Can I subscribe to Unlimited AI?

Yes. The Unlimited AI plan is an add-on plan, any user on any plan (including the Free plan) can subscribe to it at any time.

Can I manage a subscription (subscribe and cancel) on behalf of another account if I don't have an Owner or Admin role?

  • You cannot manage the subscription for another user.
  • Every information and activity under the My Account page is for the user that logged in.

Can you explain more about the Workspaces and Social Accounts subscription?

  • Our premium plans have unlimited Workspace - this means unlimited brands, clients or teams can have their dedicated private rooms for publishing and engagement.
  • Now, the billing only applies to the Social accounts. This is billed at 3$ per social account for Scheduler Pro, 5$ for Premium, and 2$ for Agency. The plans also have a minimum subscription of 5 social accounts for both Pro and Premium and 50 for Agency.
  • The social accounts are face value - it does not mean 5 per workspace, it means you pay for 5 and you get 5.
  • You can also subscribe to Extra social accounts at any time.

Why am I facing Twitter connection issues?

For a detailed guide, please follow all the steps listed here: https://postly.ai/twitter

You must have:

  • a project
  • an app
  • added the correct call-back URL (copy and paste and do not type)
  • generated from the Consumer keys

Review the process and regenerate your keys to ensure compliance.

Platform Connection Questions

Why do my platforms disconnect once in a while?

Platform disconnection happens for any of the following reasons:

  • Most platforms are connected via API tokens which expire once in 60 days.
  • Signing out of your social accounts will disconnect them on Postly
  • Changing your social account passwords will disconnect them on Postly
  • Getting suspensions on your social accounts will disconnect them on Postly
  • Exceeding the daily post limit will cause them to disconnect.
  • Your Instagram account is connected via your Facebook account, to reconnect any of them, always disconnect both and reconnect Facebook first, then Instagram last.

Why do I find it difficult to connect multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Some platforms do not allow multiple accounts on the same browser session.

  • You would have to first sign in to all your Facebook accounts on a different browser tab and then switch to each in order to connect it to Postly. 
  • Alternatively, you can sign in/sign out to one account at a time, while connecting each to Postly.
  • See guide information for all the platforms: 
  • www.postly.ai/facebook
  • www.postly.ai/instagram
  • www.postly.ai/twitter 

Why do I get the error "JSSDK Unknown Host Domain" while trying to connect to my Facebook account?

  • That JSSDK indicates that you are using the wrong URL.I am not sure how you got there but that is a test server and Facebook does not work on the test server.
  • Kindly do the following.– log out– sign in through the website www.postly.ai
  • Also, please note the following:– DO NOT edit the browser URL while using the platform.– DO NOT edit permissions while connecting your Facebook account, just click Continue

Why do I get the "Facebook or Instagram is down" error while trying to connect?

  • This happens when the Facebook SDK server is down in your region. You should wait and try again later.
  • You can check the status of the SDK server here:  https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js
  • Make sure to reload the page or use a different browser before trying to connect again.

I connected my LinkedIn account, but I cannot view some of the pages, why?

  • LinkedIn requires that you are a Super Admin to the pages before they can be displayed on Postly.
  • Content Admin access will not work.
  • This requirement is from the API.

I connected my account but when I try to click on it it says "Oops! No pages found!" What am I missing?

  • These could be the issue:
  • You did not accept permissions while connecting
  • You don’t have the right access privilege to the pages. (super admin for LinkedIn, Admin or Manager for YouTube and GMB, Admin for Facebook and Instagram)
  • Disconnect/revoke and reconnect again

Instagram Connection: Do I need to set up a Facebook business page with my existing (personal) Facebook account? Or does it need to be a completely separate Facebook account?

You can use your current Facebook account. You do not need to set up a separate Facebook account. You typically just need one Facebook account with multiple Facebook pages. The reason is that each Instagram account must be linked to a unique separate Facebook page. So, yes, one Facebook account will serve you well. Also, all Facebook Accounts are personal – Business comes in when you talk about Pages and Groups

My LinkedIn profile shows that the connection has expired. How do I reconnect? 

Instagram is connected via Facebook

  1. Disconnect/revoke both Instagram and Facebook connections
  2. Start the reconnection from Facebook.
  3. Ensure to accept all permissions while connecting.

Content Publishing

WORKSPACES: I want to share my Workspaces with my Clients, would each Workspace have its own Scheduler and privacy?

You can allocate a separate Workspace per user. Each Workspace is fully independent and can run the scheduling of posts, AI, and other activities without interference from other Workspaces. The users on different Workspaces cannot view the content or activities on other Workspaces.

INSTAGRAM: Can I upload an image for an Instagram video thumbnail cover?

Instagram only allows users to use a frame from the uploaded video for cover. You will see this option on the Instagram editor window once you upload a video and select the Instagram platform.

INSTAGRAM: Why is my Instagram 1st comment not publishing?

There are 2 causes of this issue:

  1. The word count limit is exceeded.
  2. You add hashtags to the text. Do not add hashtags # to Instagram’s 1st comment.
  • The word count limit is 50 words.
  • If you enter more than 50 words in the comment box, there is a very high chance the comment will not be published.

INSTAGRAM: How do I publish Instagram Stories and Reels?

Instagram Reel and Stories

  • Video must be MP4 or MOV
  • Instagram Stories and Reels video must be 1080 x 1920 px
  • The maximum length of the Instagram Reels video is 90 seconds.
  • The maximum length of the Instagram Stories video is 60 seconds
  • Note that Instagram Reels and Stories cannot be published at the same time.
  • See the screenshot below for an illustration

INSTAGRAM: Why do my Instagram videos publish both as Reels and normal Posts?

Instagram video posts under fifteen minutes will be shared as Reels as well.  Learn more

INSTAGRAM: How do I publish Carousel?

  • All posts are made from the Editor page (on the dashboard landing page or from the Content Planner)
  • Upload your texts, images, and videos, and select your platforms (e.g. Instagram)
  • Instagram can take up to 10 images and they would publish as carousels

YOUTUBE: How do I publish YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are managed by the YouTube platform automatically. Once you publish a video that is below 2MB and less than 60 seconds in length, YouTube auto-converts it to Shorts.

  • The Video file must be:
    • Not more than 60 seconds.
    • Not more than 2MB
    • With a square or vertical aspect ratio.

LINK PUBLISHING: Why do my Shortened Links not display Link Preview?

Link Preview does not display on Shortened Links because such links are routed via the Link Shortener server. This additional layer interferes with the Link Preview, making it impossible to render and display.

FACEBOOK: How can I publish my Facebook personal profile, Stories and Reels?

Facebook reels, stories, and personal profiles are not allowed by the API to be published via the web.

However, the API automatically publishes videos posted to your pages as Reels on your Profiles. This process is controlled by the Facebook API.

Postly Mobile App Sharing Feature: You can also use the Share Post feature on our Mobile app to share the post across other channels.

The Share Post feature is found in the hamburger menu at the top right corner of published posts.

  • Step 1. Publish the post from the web or the Mobile App.
  • Step 2. Use the Share Post feature on the Mobile App to share the post to all other social media platforms as well as email and other shareable platforms.

FACEBOOK: How do I publish to my Facebook personal profile, Instagram creator, and personal accounts?

These features cannot be published directly from the web, you need to use the Postly Mobile App.

  • Step 1. Publish the post from the web or the Mobile App.
  • Step 2. Use the Share Post feature on the Mobile App to share the post to all other social media platforms as well as email and other shareable platforms.

TikTok: Can I publish TikTok posts directly from the web?

  • Yes, you can now publish TikTok Posts directly from the web.
  • TikTok publishing does not require mobile notification and approval anymore.

REDDIT: Why do my Reddit posts require manual approval?

Follow this guide for each of your communities.

Your SubReddit – Mod Tools > Community settings > Posts and Comments > Spam filter strength

Set the Spam filter strength from All to Low and it should solve it

For more information, learn more about: How should I disable the option of post approval as a moderator

Watch the demo video, click here

REDDIT: Why does Reddit remove post description messages?

Reddit will publish a post description message if ONLY a text post was made.

However, if you make a text + image or video post, Reddit will remove the text and publish the image or video.

TAGGING: Can I tag people and brands?

Yes, you can tag people, pages, and brands. Below is a guide on how to do this:

  • The feature is currently available on Instagram and Twitter platforms only.
  • You can tag them on the Preview pages. Look out for the @ icon and click on it to tag.
  • You can tag @usernames of the people and pages.

Why do I get an error message while connecting to Twitter?

For a detailed guide, please follow all the steps listed on this page: https://postly.ai/twitter

You must have:

a project

an app

added the correct call-back URL (copy and paste and do not type)

generated from the Consumer keys

Review the process and regenerate your keys to ensure compliance.

TWITTER: How can I publish Twitter Threads?

  • Draft your post and Postly will manage the Twitter Threads behind the scenes.
  • Ensure to use the Preview to check and edit the Threads as you want.

TWITTER: Can I publish a normal Recurring post on Twitter?

  • No. It will publish the first time but will not publish the subsequent posts. The reason is that Twitter does not allow duplicate posts.
  • So, do not set up a Recurring Post for your Twitter platform.

HASHTAG: How many Hashtags are allowed per post?

You can use up to 30 tags on a post. If you include more than 30 tags on a single photo/video, your comment won’t be posted.

Instagram Hashtag guide

APPROVAL WORKFLOW: Can I approve a post I drafted, if I am an Owner or Admin?

No, you cannot approve your own post. You need to make another team member do the approval.

BUFFERING: Why does the Post button buffer?

The Post or Update button will buffer due to browser cache issues.

Kindly log out and log back in again to clear the browser cache.

You can also manually delete the Postly browser cache

This link deletes the Postly cache on Chrome: chrome://settings/content/all?searchSubpage=postly

POST LIMIT: What is the "Daily Post Limit" about?

This is general advice on the daily post limit for different social media platforms.

You should not exceed the limits to avoid issues with your social media accounts.

Check the link to the Daily Post Limit

Duplicate Content: What is the Duplicate Content policy all about?

Duplicate content is also no longer allowed on the same platform under 24 hours because that’s where we could be flagged for allowing users to push spam-like content via our app.

Click on the link to learn more: Duplicate Content

SCHEDULER TIME SELECTOR: I usually want to post at 8 p.m., and right now, whenever I schedule the posts, I have to scroll all the way down with the mouse (I can't even drag down via a scroll length). is there a way to improve the UI?

The input fields for date and time are also editable, you can type in directly. Use the keyboard to input the time and click Enter when done.

BULK POST: If image links are on any of the suggested sites, e.g. Imgur, will the images be copied from these URLs or remain linked to the URL of the image?

Postly does not copy over the images but references them. It is better to not delete the images on the server e.g. Imgur.com

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